Services Provided

Oakridge Industries Inc. provides full service Resinous Flooring and Coatings Installation.  We self-perform each and every aspect from start to finish to ensure only the best complete package.  The Team at Oakridge Industries can meet with you and discuss all aspects of the projects including:

BiddingSite VisitsPreconstrutcionPre PlanningSamples & Mock UpsDust & Environmental ControlDemolition & Removal Of Exsting CoatingsConcrete TestingOnsite Project ManagementSurface PreperationInstallationSubmittalsSafety & HealthClose Out Documentaion & Follow Up


We offer detailed bid proposals which include scope of work, full product system description, a schedule of values for cost analysis, pricing assumptions, qualifications and exclusions. Here at Oakridge Industries, we have a professional and experienced staff of estimators and use the latest high-tech quantity take off software such as on screen take off, cad, blue beam, BIM 360, Building connected, aconex and dodge global network.  This allows us to access plans for plans, project information, and specifications to provide detailed bid proposals and color coded shop drawings.

Site Visits

We have a full staff of experienced Sales Reps and Project Managers that can come out to your facility or site to meet with you and inspect the current conditions including concrete or existing coatings. We can examine the concrete to determine the condition and soundness, cracking, spalling and additional testing.  If there are existing coatings that are causing issues we can assess the current condition and make a recommendation on site. We can also field survey the area for dimensions, levelness and answer any questions.


Meeting and working with our clients in the initial 1stphase to determine and recommend the right resinous flooring and wall systems that meets their needs for the area of use and facility operations.  We work closely with our clients on all aspects from start to finish including budget, expectations, special requests and more to ensure the best possible service, professionalism and quality.


Once the right system has been selected there are many other factors to consider in the pre-planning phase such as color selection and texture, lead times  for  materials , schedule and durations, impacts such as noise and odor, logistics and coordination on area access, entrance and exits,  loading and staging of materials and equipment, power requirements and    We work with you on these key and important factors prior to the installation to ensure the best work environment for you, our client.

Samples and In-Place Mock-Ups

We offer an extensive array of flooring and wall coating color and texture samples to choose from including: color charts,  physical samples, online configurations & custom colors  and  blending, decorative chip blends, color quartz aggregates, solids colors, metallic and more.  We offer in place mock ups at your facility or jobsite to see firsthand what a small section of the finished product will look like and allows for any testing if needed.

Dust and Environment Control

We use the latest technology to mitigate dust and contaminates while onsite including negative air machines, hepa-vacuums, explosion proof fans with exhaust tubing and venting, temporary enclosure and tenting with zip walls.

Demolition and Removal of Existing Coatings

We offer full demo and removal of all existing coatings if needed including resinous and epoxy flooring, terrazzo, VCT and sheet good flooring, carpet, tile, mastic, glue and more.  We have specialized equipment, knowledge and know-how with years of experience to do it right, with the least amount of impact in what is not an easy task for most.

Testing and Monitoring

We offer and perform a variety of testing and monitoring services  including concrete moisture vapor drive testing, RH testing, coring and core analysis for ASR (Alkali Silica Reaction) and osmotic blistering, protimeter moisture testing, air monitoring for VOC gases, hydrocarbon, methane and  other toxic gases,  ESD testing for electrical resistance of conductive and  static dissipative coatings, floor slip resistance/standard coefficient of friction and   substrate temperature readings.

Onsite Project Management

We have dedicated Project Managers that are onsite to work with you from start to finish. Our project managers communicate and coordinate with our foreman, crew and you the customer on daily activities and tasks, schedule, daily and weekly meetings, safety and more.

Surface Preparation

Surface preparation is one of the most crucial aspects of resinous flooring installation. Improper or inadequate surface preparation is a major cause for flooring failures. We self-perform all of our surface preparation and have a large line of surface  preparation equipment  including, bead/shot blasters, planetary grinders, terrco grinders, scarifiers and other specialized equipment to offer the most comprehensive surface preparation available.


We are proud to offer a turn-key, single source installation process with our team of highly skilled and experienced installation crews. We have lead foreman, crew members and project managers that have been with Oakridge Industries for decades and the unit works together in unison, with integrity and great pride to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship for a superior finished product.

Submittal Packages

We supply complete submittal packages for all our clients on each and every project that list each and every SDS (safety data sheet), PDS (product data sheet) and all accessories in addition to a sequence of the installation system.  This submittal package includes every component, chemical, aggregate, accessories and products listed.

Safety and Health

We take safety and health with the utmost importance, not only our team but for everyone working around us including our clients, other trades and anyone in the area of our scope of work. We practice and follow the safest practices in all aspects of our industry and we continue to educate and implement this each and every day as it is part of our culture and it shows in our EMR rating and safety record.  In addition to our high standard of safety health practices we also supply a complete safety binder package for all our clients on each and every project which includes Oakridge silica control plan per OSHA silica construction standard, daily safety and pre project briefing, hazard communication program, heat prevention plan, blood borne pathogens, heat stress prevention program, electrical awareness program, respiratory program, injury and illness prevention program.

Close-Out Documentation and Follow-Up

Once the project is completed, we supply an O&M manual (operation and maintenance manual) on cleaning and maintaining your resinous flooring and or wall system.  We also supply our warranty upon completion as well as follow up.  There will always be changes in construction and design or damage that require additional work and repairs after completion.  We pride ourselves on customer service and treating each client like our only client with exceptional customer service and maintaining a close relationship over the years and always being there for our client, before, during and after the process.



Oakridge Industries mission is to maintain the highest level of professionalism, quality and integrity between our clients, general contractors, suppliers and associates throughout the entire process.
We aim to maintain lifelong relationships with our clients and we value each and every client as if they are our only client! We have built our 35+ years reputation on this philosophy and practice it day in and day with passion, integrity, respect and performance.
The Oakridge team, is just that, a team of great people who work together in harmony as professionals and are dedicated to you our client and you have our promise to deliver quality resinous seamless flooring at fair market value and the highest standard.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Oakridge just completed putting down this new top coat in two of our facilities during shutdowns and did a really fantastic job. Oakridge is excellent to work with!”

Manus Hanratty, Pacira Pharmaceuticals

I have worked with Oakridge Industries across 14 years, 4 research facilities and 2 major cities.  Resinous coating chemicals are always important, but proper, professional installation, critical.  The company of choice for my installations:  Oakridge.”

David M. Gonzalez, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

As a Superintendent for commercial construction I have worked with many resinous flooring contractors. Proper installation is critical to the finished product. Oakridge is professional, proactive, timely and safe. When it comes to resinous flooring Oakridge is my company of choice.”

Dan Filla, BNBuilders

In my role as a Manager of several animal facilities at USC, it is very important to have the right floor contractor to ensure proper operation and safety for all projects.  Oakridge Industries has met and/or exceeded our requirements relating to the floor jobs performed throughout the years at USC with great success.  All the floor jobs were completed on time with top quality from start to finish.”

Ramiro H. Montano, USC

I have been working with Oakridge Industries for over the last 10 years. In a cGMP manufacturing facility, quality is everything. After I saw the quality of their work and their attention to detail on their first job with us, I have had them back on every job possible. There is only one company that I want to do our floors and that is Oakridge Industries.”

Joshua Elkins, Ionis Pharmaceuticals

Oakridge Industries has been my go-to contractor for epoxy flooring for the last 15 years. Their products are far superior to all others that I’ve tried, and Oakridge takes pride in their workmanship and respect the needs of the customer to provide both outstanding products and outstanding service.”

Carol Akita, The Scripps Research Institute