A successful seamless flooring installation in today's research and manufacturing facilities requires far more then just simply a contractor installing the cheapest material available for nothing more then the sake of a sale. It requires an experienced team of people who are able to work hand in hand with the customer to ensure that the selected system is both what best meets their requirements and correctly installed.

Oakridge's proven team of experienced estimators and project managers along with our own highly skilled craftsmen work hand in hand with our customers to ensure that what we offer our customers provides them with the best available option that fits their needs at the best possible value, without sacrifice to quality and workmanship.

Not all flooring systems are created equal, just as not all customers facilities and needs are equal. There is not one perfect flooring solution that can meet everyone's needs, nor should an end-user be sold a floor by a company who's only goal is to sell large quantities of product without regard or understanding of the customers needs. We work closely with our customers, architects, and general contractors on a regular basis to ensure that the specified products will meet the needs of the customer. We also work closely with our customers to develop floor slope and pitch plans to ensure that the final product is what the customer is expecting.

Oakridge is proud to be able to offer a turn key single source installation solution for all of our customers resinous flooring needs. All aspects of installation are self performed by our own highly skilled union craftsmen, from floor preparation to final installation and detail. We maintain our own fleet of vehicles and equipment necessary to install a resinous floor from start to finish. And because we own the process from start to finish we are able to offer our customers a superior flooring installation.

Floor Prep
At the foundation of a properly installed resinous flooring system is the preparation of the substrate that the flooring system is going to be installed over. There is absolutely no substitute for sound mechanical preparation of the substrate. In fact the single largest reason for a resinous flooring failure is improper preparation methods, be it from a contractor that is inexperienced, ill-equipped to perform the job, or too concerned about quantity rather then quality. In the end the result is the same, the floor begins to fail and delaminate and must be removed in it's entirety before it can be properly replaced.

With our fleet of bead blasters, electrical generation equipment, concrete scarifiers, concrete grinders, and polishers we are able to offer a comprehensive floor preparation service to both other flooring contractors as well as general contractors and owners for special needs projects.

Floor Demolition and Removal
While under most circumstances a properly selected and installed resinous floor will provide years of trouble free service occasionally the need will arise to have a flooring installation completely removed and replaced. Because of the nature of resinous flooring, its removal is not something to be undertaken lightly and it is not without its inherent risks. In response to our customers needs to occasionally remove and replace an installed flooring system, we have developed a number of techniques as well as invested in specialized equipment designed solely for the removal of resinous flooring systems while causing the least amount of secondary damage possible.

Jobsite Safety is not just a buzzword, it is a fact of life. At Oakridge we have developed a culture of safety that is rooted at the very heart of our organization. Our employees are our most important asset and their health and safety is of paramount importance.

We work in a field where exposure to chemicals is a fact of life. We have spent countless hours over the last 31 years developing the safest possible practices for the handling of materials. In addition to the strict requirements we hold our suppliers to in ensuring that the materials they manufacture are safe for our employees to transport and handle we also have performed a number of independent studies on the materials we work with to ensure that they are in fact safe for use by our employees and that the PPE standards we have established are sufficient to prevent any unacceptable exposure levels. We also work closely with our clients to ensure the health and safety of other trades working in conjunction with us on a job site as well as our clients employees when we are working in occupied facilities. This includes the use of air monitoring equipment depending on the types of materials in use and the work environment and specialty air handling equipment capable of moving extremely large quantities of air to ensure a constant supply of fresh air in the workplace.

As a result of these programs and our culture of safety we are proud of our safety record and we are proud to be one of the safest contractors in our industry.