Resinous Floor and Wall Systems
We have a number of resinous flooring systems and high performance wall coatings available so that we can help our customers choose the systems that best fit their needs.

Made of the same material as bullet proof glass, Methyl Methacrylates, or more commonly known as MMA's, offer a time proven, durable, chemical resistant, and UV stable monolithic flooring system. MMA flooring systems allow us to offer to our customers the ability to install a complete flooring system with minimal down time, with the finished floor able to be put back into full service within 1 hour of completion. Because of this rapid cure time, a complete floor can be installed in as little as 1 day as opposed to the 5 to 7 days normally required for a traditional epoxy floor. The down side however is the odor associated with MMA's. With an odor threshold of 1 part per million special precautions must be taken to control airflow throughout the work area and work is almost always conducted off hours to help ensure minimal disruption to a customers workforce. MMA floors are available in a wide range of finishes and anti-slip profiles.

Developed over 75 years ago, Epoxies have a long established track record as a high performance flooring resin. Hard wearing, highly durable, temperature stable, and chemical resistant, Epoxies offer a sound resinous flooring solution for a wide variety of applications. When additional UV stability, chemical resistance, and durability is necessary, Epoxy floors can be combined with urethane based top coats to provide a truly high performance flooring option. Epoxies are also extremely low in odor and can be installed with almost no impact to concurrent operations and customer staff. They are not however rapid flooring systems, usually requiring between 5 to 7 days to complete a floor. Epoxies are available in an endless variety of colors and finishes as well as non-slip profiles.

Cementious Urethanes
Considered by some to be the swiss army knife of the resinous flooring world. Formulated to withstand thermal shock and chemical attack, cretes offer a resinous flooring system with unmatched durability and wear resistance. Ideal for areas subject to constant HWFI, warehouses, loading docks, commercial kitchens, bottling lines, and food manufacturing facilities. Cretes are also able to withstand concrete moisture vapor drive levels that far exceed any other flooring system, resulting in a substantial savings due to the lack of need for a concrete moisture vapor drive mitigation system. When combined with epoxy body coats and a urethane top coat, cementitous urethanes offer perhaps the ultimate in resinous flooring systems combining the unique properties of both cretes and epoxies, in a decorative system that is seamless, highly durable, thermal shock resistant, and chemical resistant, and is ideally suited to Pharmaceutical and BioScience research and manufacturing.

N2 UV Cured Flooring
Developed by Seamless Technologies to address specific concerns and requirements of life science research facilities. Based in part on ultraviolet cured resins that were first developed in the 1960's for the aerospace industry, Seamless Technologies N2 flooring systems represents a new direction in resinous flooring. A truly green floor that is fully LEED compliant with 0 Volatile Organic Compounds and 0 Hazardous Air Pollutants the N2 system offers a unique flooring system that works in a broad range of facilities. Incredibly durable and highly chemical resistant, the N2 flooring system offers a unique and fundamentally different approach to many of the flooring problems that have plagued research facilities since their inception. N2 is available in a wide range of decorative finishes and non-skid profiles.

Specialty High Performance Coatings
We offer a wide range of specialty coatings designed to address the specific needs of our customers. When a spark free environment is a must including semi conductor facilities, mission critical computing facilities, and class H1 materials handling facilities we offer a number of Dissipative and Conductive coatings solutions to meet those needs. Often times the normal chemical resistance of traditional flooring systems is not sufficient for the given application. For situations such as those we can offer our customers a number of highly specialized chemical resistant coatings including novolac's and sacrificial coatings to meet those needs. They are not always pretty but in these situations form always follows function.

High Performance Wall Coatings
We offer a number of high performance epoxy and urethane based wall coatings systems to address our customers needs. These systems come in two primary types: fiberglass reinforced for the ultimate in strength and durability, and non-reinforced where the chemical resistance and durability are still required but the impact resistance is not required. We also offer our customers the option to radius all of the corners in a room and create a smooth seamless transition between the cove base and wall coating, both of which allow for the creation of a smooth surface from floor to ceiling with no corners or edges to harbor bacteria and viruses and to help facilitate a comprehensive cleaning regimen by eliminating hard to reach crevices.