About Oakridge Industries, Inc.
Oakridge was founded in 1983 with a truck, a rag-tag crew, and the notion that the customer should always come first. 31 years later Oakridge has emerged as one of the most respected and experienced contractors in the resinous flooring industry. With offices strategically located in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Las Vegas we are able to provide our customers with a level of customer service and a response time found no where else in this industry.

We are a capabilities contractor first and foremost. We are able to offer our customers a complete resinous flooring package, from design assistance in choosing the floor that is best suited to your individual needs, to a complete flooring installation, executed by our highly experienced installation crews. Because we own all of the equipment necessary for a complete resinous flooring installation, including electrical generation, shot blasters, concrete and terrazzo grinders, concrete scarifying equipment, and heavy demolition equipment, we do not have to subcontract out any aspect of a flooring installation allowing us complete control of the installation process.

You will not find an Oak-Crete, OakPoxy or any other flooring resin with the Oakridge name on it. We recognized early on that you can be an outstanding installation contractor, and make the top of the line flooring resins, however, you just simply cannot do both at the same time. As a result we have partnered ourselves with the most respected materials manufacturers in the resinous flooring industry. However, because we are not limited to one manufacturers portfolio of products, we are able to offer our customers a flooring solution that best fits their needs instead of a floor that best fits into what we have to sell them.

In addition to manufacturing, food service, and heavy industry, Oakridge specializes in the high demand, no compromises environment of Pharmaceutical and BioScience research and manufacturing. We have a comprehensive understanding of the specialized nature of clean rooms and the challenges that exist in working in such environments.

With over 25,000,000 square feet of installed flooring and high performance wall coatings, and a reputation as one of the most respected installers in the industry, there is a reason that the largest names in the pharmaceutical industry are customers of Oakridge.